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about that I have gotten to とりあえず金曜ビアテラス

I have gotten to とりあえず金曜ビアテラス with friends. 



I went to here on last Friday and drunk a cup of Beer under the sky (but litttle cloudy).


It was held near the 前橋商店街. 

When we approached there, A young man looks like master called to us and guided table.

He teach me about とりあえず金曜ビアテラス(とり金).

The purpus of the event is to activate shop street of 前橋 (らしい).

Many people sittting long table were worker of city hall(らしい).


In fact とり金 is お墨付き by maebashi city to drink on public space before night.


The beer was haeatland(¥500ぐらい?) and it was very good taste. (めっちゃうまい)  

That is very good cost paformance.

I recommend it.


I hope to go there again as soon as possible.